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Iron Supplement for your Tea?

Not so much… The last two weeks I’ve been preparing an ebonizing solution for some of my recent personal projects. Ebonizing of oak has a fairly well documented history within the 15th and 16th centuries. A few other woods have … Continue reading

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Fibonacci Never Ate Orange Carrots

Until very recently, the miracle proportion of modern design followed the quest in fulfilling the Golden Ratio. Most designers take severe steps to mathemagic their designs to meet the natural relation that has been mathematically expressed as 1:1.618, or the … Continue reading

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Ladies, take your seats.

It’s not often that we find furniture that is considered gender specific. Especially in the Middle Ages and Renaissance. Certainly, wedding chests were most usually provided by the family of the bride. But in no place do we particularly find … Continue reading

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“Froissart, in his chronicles, calls it the “Age of Love,” a very natural reaction from the burning intensity of the age of religious chivalry. With the appearance of religious carelessness we find a certain decline of the high ideal from … Continue reading

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On Using American Popple

I mean, if we are going to call woods whatever we feel like, I will start calling Cottonwood “American Popple.” Has a nice ring to it, yes?I’ve had a week and a half working with the stuff. It has it’s … Continue reading

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