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Artist, Craftman, Artisan.

First off, apologies for the lack of an article last week. A combination of weather and new employment interrupted the settlebanc build. Be just and fear not: no blog-fading here. A recurring conversation in the woodworking community is whether what … Continue reading

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Second Source to the Rescue

The first two pallets I came across for this project ended up being duds. The Q/S White Oak pallet looked great at first, but after being pulled apart many of the slats and two of the three rails twisted around … Continue reading

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Cheap Seats: Wood Selection and Initial Processing

A part of me wanted to entitle this post “Making the Best of a Bad Situation,” for reasons that will become evident. Finding pallets as scrap is apparently fairly easy, and can usually be had for the cost of picking … Continue reading

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Cheap Seats: Form of a Forme

Of four alterpieces painted by Campin that depict settelbancs, this one is where we will be drawing the primary inspiration for the form of the sides. Also, of the four paintings by Campin, this is the only banc where the … Continue reading

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