“Baroque Pearls” came about as a repository of my explorations of Medieval and Renaissance furniture and architectural design. As in it’s namesake, things follow certain conventions but by the nature of the methods that those conventions are enacted there becomes a certain level of imperfection. In that imperfection there is a beauty that is irrepeatable in modern contexts and methods.

As chronicler of these endeavors, WN “Vels” Lucas brings a decade of woodworking experience, specializing in the reproduction of pre-17th Century furniture, tools, and techniques. It is not only the intention to share the accumulated knowledge and source material from furthering my own understanding, but also to hopefully encourage others in the re-enactment and re-creation communities to take their own next step to a higher level in their work. Though modern powered tools certainly make quick work of many tasks, the underlying knowledge and methods are requisite in using those tools correctly. Sometimes, the only tool for the job is a Medieval one.

To echo a phrase learned in the U.S. Military: I’ve upped my standards, up yours. It is hoped this blog will help you raise your standards and improve how you, the reader, may understand how our artisan antecedents operated and understood their work.


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